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Psychological Test Adaptation & Development

Psychological Test Adaptation and Development (PTAD) is the official open access journal of the European Association of Psychological Assessment. PTAD is the first open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing papers which present the adaptation of tests to specific (e.g., cultural) needs, test translations, or the development of existing measures. Moreover, the focus will be on the empirical testing of the psychometric quality of these measures. The journal will provide a paper template, and registered reports are strongly encouraged.

Why you should publish in PTAD

  • A unique outlet for research papers portraying adaptations (e.g., translations) and developments (e.g., state to trait) of individual tests – the backbone of assessment
  • Official open-access journal of the European Association of Psychological Assessment (EAPA)
  • With an expert editor in chief, supported by a stellar cast of internationally renowned associate editors
  • Fully embraces open science – including registered reports

 Benefits for authors

  • Clear guidance on the structure of papers helps you write good papers
  • Fast peer-review, aided by the clear structure of your paper
  • With the optional registered report format you can get expert advice from seasoned reviewers to help improve your research
  • Open access publication, with a choice of Creative Commons licenses
  • Widest possible dissemination of your paper – and thus of qualified information about your test and your research
  • Generous APC waiver program and discounts for members of selected associations

 Benefits for readers

  • Fast publication of the latest research on text adaptations and developments
  • All papers fully peer-reviewed by leading experts
  • Uniform structure across papers– all you need to know about the psychometrics, validity, etc., in a     standardized form
  • Open access – no fees to read or share published papers
  • Open science – study data frequently in an open repository

ISSN: 2698-1866

Editors: Matthias Ziegler (Editor-in-chief), Kay Brauer (Editorial assistant)

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