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Annual fees & payment

Annual fees for ordinary members are € 75,-
Annual fees for PhD students (with a first degree) € 50,-
Annual fees for undergraduate students € 10,-

Ordinary members and PHD students fees include

  • a subscription to the European Journal of Psychological Assessment (only ordinary members and PhD students)
  • a reduction of the fee for the biennial conferences of the Association

Students fees include

  • The students have access to the EAPA website and a reduction for the biennial conference except for receiving the EAPA's journal

Payment of fees

Each year members will receive an invoice from Hogrefe Publishing for renewal of membership to the EAPA. That invoice contains information on how to pay the dues using credit cards. For those who prefer to make a direct (internet) bank-transfer, the details are as follows:
It is VERY important that the reference line with the payment includes "EAPA Membership [Year] for [Member Name]"

For EURO payments:

Account holder: Hogrefe Publishing GmbH
Bank name: Sparkasse Goettingen
IBAN: DE42 2605 0001 0004 7098 38
(For German members: BLZ 260 500 01, Account 4709838)

For US Dollar payments:

Account holder: Hogrefe Publishing GmbH
Bank name: Deutsche Bank, Goettingen
IBAN: DE15 2607 0072 0022 6530 00